Obedience and Relationship

Text: Genesis 26:1-6
As we read Genesis 26, we see the fruit and results of obedience.
In this passage, God is instructing Isaac not to go down to Egypt, but to settle in the land of the Philistines. God promised to bless Isaac as He had promised to bless Abraham.
God promised Isaac that he would give the land where he currently was to his offspring, confirming the oath given to Abraham. And the reason God would do this? “ . . . because Abraham listened to me and kept my mandate, my commands, my statutes, and my instructions. So Isaac settled in Gerar” (Genesis 26:5,6, NIV).
Wow! Abraham did what God instructed and kept God’s mandate, commands, statues and instructions—not to be boxed in, but to inherit God’s promise. Obedience wasn’t a matter of following rules. Abraham obeyed because of a relationship of deep faith and trust in God. Abraham and Isaac both were willing to do what God wanted because they trusted God and knew He would keep His promise.
We can sense God’s Spirit speaking to us, calling us to full obedience and full surrender. When we choose a lifestyle of faith and trust, we can then go to God first for direction before forging ahead along our own path. We can trust even when the answer is to wait.
Like Abraham and Isaac—what is God instructing us? How willing are we to do what He says? Being obedient to God’s leading will make all the difference in our life.